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Lab Armor® Walk About Tray™

Lab Armor® Walk About Tray™


39438-001 Walk About Tray™ w/ Lab Armor® Beads 

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Transportability. You’re free to Walk About!

Walk Ab
out Tray™ replaces common wire or plastic tube racks.

It is insulated to keep samples and reagents protected from room temperature.

Just add warm or cold beads and go. 

Things happen when you take your samples, reagents, or cells out of their warm incubating environment and place them onto a cold surface. Why not keep them at temperature while you are setting up your experiment at the bench, under the hood, or while traveling between labs, or wherever you go.

Your Walk A
bout Tray™ makes a great travel partner.

Lab Armor® Walk About Tray™

Lab Armor® Walk About Tray™ 

  • H 6" x W 6" x D 3″

  • 52.4 x W 152.4 x D 76 mmH 1

  • 2.5 lbs. (1.13 kg)

  • 0.50 Liters

  • 2 year Warranty

Temperature Range

  • Lab Armor Beads: -80°C to 180°C

  • Tray: -196°C to 93°C

Tray Material

  • Expanded PVC

Lab Armor® Walk About Tray™


Walk About Tray vs. Standard Rack Temperature Graph

The Walkabout can maintain a 5 ML liquid sample at 37 ºC ±1.3 ºC for 30 minutes after removing it from the water bath, whereas a sample placed in a standard rack will reach RT (25ºC) in same time.

Pre-warmed beads (37ºC) were scooped out of the Bead Bath and into the Walkabout. From the same Bead Bath, a 15 ml conical tube containing 5 ml of sample (water) was removed and added to either the Walkabout containing beads or to a standard test tube rack. The sample temperature was monitored over time.

Data represent temperature measurements recorded by a single temperature probe. Values represent ±S.E. (n=3).

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