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Lab Armor® LLC is a Life Science company that designs, manufactures, and sells laboratory tools to reduce or eliminate contamination and thermal instability problems associated with common laboratory equipment.

Our mission is to establish a new ecosystem of laboratory spaces that are low-maintenance and resistant to contamination.

Now, let's delve into the inception of the groundbreaking
Lab Armor® thermal beads...

From Concept to Beads:
Danny Lab Armor's Story

Danny Lab Armor Bead is on a global mission, spreading the benefits of
Lab Armor® products and making a positive impact in laboratories worldwide.

Lab Armor Beads Benefits

  1. Eliminates contamination from stagnant water.*​​

  2. Reduces reliance on harmful germicides.

  3. Naturally antimicrobial, minimizing cleaning efforts.

  4. Eco-friendly: Uses less electricity and water.

*Beads are dry and naturally more resistant to microbial growth than water, and therefore, are less likely to harbor and contribute to transmitting microorganisms in the laboratory. 

Peltier Bead Baths

  • Sustainable alternative to traditional water/ice/oil/sand methods.

  • Samples may be conveniently transported using the removable Lab Armor Peltier Bead Baskets.

  • Only bead bath on the market with both cooling and heating capabilities!


Click below for more details on Lab Armor Beads!

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