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Lab Armor Has the Environment in Mind.

Our goal is to lead the industry through innovation in reducing or eliminating environmentally harmful practices in the lab.

In partnership with Sheldon Manufacturing we are able to maintain our sustainability efforts through recycling, using non-toxic products and biodegradable packaging! At Lab armor we do not use restricted hazardous substances in our products!


Lab Armor® beads are formed from solid recyclable metal. The material is very desirable to recyclers, refer to manual for proper recycling procedures.

NO Gray Water

Lab Armor has worked hard to eliminate the need for many of the germicides that are a common part of water bath maintenance. Take, for example, liquid disinfectants used in water baths. Most contain antibiotic, algaecide, and fungicide compounds. These environmentally harmful germicides can accumulate in the water table from disposal during regular maintenance. Periodic decontamination with a biodegradable, earth-friendly disinfectant, such as 70% EtOH is usually all that is required to keep most unwanted microbes away.


More Energy Efficient

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Beads can transform a water bath into a smarter instrument that uses less electricity. For instance, water constantly evaporates during water bath operation. As water evaporates it cools. Due to this evaporative-cooling effect, the bath must heat more frequently, which increases energy consumption. A bead bath uses over 4X less energy when set to 65 ºC and over 2X less energy at 37 ºC. Plus, a bead bath provides more constant temperature and fewer temperature fluctuations. during operation than a water bath.