Lab Armor Chill Bucket

67200-001 Chill Bucket with Beads

Modern Upgrade.

Dry Lab Armor Beads are a better solution than wet ice. The Chill Bucket can replace ice wherever ice is used.

  • Vessels stay dry and in place.

  • Keep samples organized.

  • Avoid water puddles and float-away tubes.

  • Have greater temperature flexibility.

  • Use Chill Packs or dry ice.

  • Use ambient or cold beads.  

  • Save on energy-consuming ice machines. 


The Chill Bucket can maintain cold temperatures (1-8 C) for 4 or more hours with one Chill Pack. For up to 8 or more hours of cold, a second Chill Pack can be used.

The Chill Packs were frozen to -20 C in a freezer and the Beads were cooled to 2 C in a refrigerator prior  to assembling the Bucket. Data represents temperature measurements recorded by a single temperature
probe positioned in the center of the bucket.
Values represent ± S.E. (n-4).