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Now Available!

We are excited to announce the launch of our new Lab Armor Peltier Bead Bath!


You can now cool and heat your lab armor beads!

This exciting new product makes use of the Peltier Thermal Electric Technology (TECH-H) to both cool and heat the Lab Armor Beads. The product was originally proposed for its cooling effects, but our remarkable Engineers made it so that the Peltier was able to both heat and cool beads.


We now have our first dual threat product under the Lab Armor name that allows the customer to further optimize their use of Lab Armor Beads in one product.


The new Peltier Bead Bath will also allow beads to warm up in a quicker amount of time!

Another great feature is the new transportable baskets that are part of the system. These baskets will allow you to transport their items around snuggly surrounded by cool or hot beads. 


Peltier Bead Bath Specs


7 Liter

14 Liter

Sealing Lid

Operate at 110 and 220 volt

Portable baskets in Aluminum and Copper