Try some FREE Beads in your Lab’s Dry Bath.


Get a Sample!

Sometimes you just need to be sure that a product will work for your needs, and that’s exactly why were are letting you try some beads out before you purchase!

Get A FREE Sample!




How to get the most out of the sample.

Test Lab Armor Bead performance in your own lab

Add the Lab Armor Beads sample to your dry bath by replacing one Aluminum block. Allow the Lab Armor Beads to warm, monitor temperature, then add sample vessels of various sizes and shapes. Try nonwater-tight vessels, such as petri dishes and multiwell plates. Bury a microfuge tube containing a liquid such as water into the Beads. Note that by eliminating exposure to surrounding air temperature, condensation doesn’t accumulate under the lid.

What to look for during your evaluation.

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  • Contamination resistance
  • Efficient thermal properties
  • Ability to bury vessels for more uniform heating
  • Can accept non-water-tight vessels
  • Doesn’t require racks, floats, or bottle-neck weights
  • Easy to insert vessels of all shapes and sizes
  • Long-lasting product

Stays Clean

Protected from Water-borne Contamination

Contaminated samples and reagents result in distorted data and unpredictable outcomes. Reduce the risk of contamination, achieve reproducible results and have greater confidence in your work.

Stays Organized

No More Water Accidents

Unlike water baths that require racks, floats, and bottleneck weights, Bead Bath naturally holds things in place without acessories. So no more floating accidents. Really.

Saves Time

Always On and Ready to Use

Bead Bath makes using the bath easy. The bath always stays on, so you don’t have to plan around warmup times. You don’t need to worry about burnout either because there is no water to evaporate.


Lab Armor has the Environment in Mind

The highly recyclable beads, fewer harmful biocides, and more energy efficient Bead Bath has the lab and the environment in mind.